We are an international atelier firm that was founded in New York City in 2005. The firm, is now based in Beijing, Seoul and Newport Beach. Chiasmus is known for its creative design approach and has been involved in a number of significant cultural projects. Noteworthy are the completed Red Diamond Theater and Shijitan Contemporary Art Center in Beijing, and the IFEZ Arts Center in Incheon.

We believe in the merging of form and content, where the spatial and tectonic nature of a project are inseparable from its function and meaning.

In an age of indifference, we believe in the magical ability of architecture to preserve, transform, and intensify the essential qualities of places and human experience.

In a world of virtual reality, we believe in authentic Beauty and Nature. We believe in Real Dreams.

We will make the world a better place than when we found it.

Company Brief

  CHIASMUS PARTNERS, INC于2005年在纽约成立。随着团队的扩大,如今已在北京、首尔和美国新港滩设有事务所,并涉足了很多国际性文化空间及高级商业项目的设计。Chiasmus立足于文化商业领域,致力于发展创新型建筑,追寻文化与建筑中的矛盾因素,提出问题,解决问题。




James Wei Ke

CHIASMUS. Partner, Design Principal

AIA Architect

Bachelor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

Master of Architecture, Columbia University

Supervisor of Architectural Design Department, Columbia University

Instructor of building protection department, Columbia University

Professor of Architecture Department, New York-institute of Technology University

Professor of Architecture Department,  University of Seoul

Visiting professor, Department of architecture, Tongji University

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus, James Wei Ke's work focuses on architecture which reshapes the experience of public space. His work involves publications, teaching, and multidisciplinary studies on bridging the gap between space and human behavior. He has taught at Columbia University, New York Institute of Technology and Tongji University.

Hyunho Lee

CHIASMUS. Partner, Design Principal

AIA Architect

Seoul National University, Bachelor of Architecture

University of Michigan, Master of Architecture

Associate Professor, Hongik University, School of Architecture

Master Architect, Kyung Hee University

Director City of Andong, Future Committee

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus partners, Hyunho Lee is a registered architect in the state of New York and New Jersey, and a member of American Institute of Architects. Hyunho Lee is currently the chair of Interior Architecture Department at Hongik University.